Twitter: I’m Turning Myself In

I also know what a selfie is and how to take one.

I also know what a selfie is and how to take one.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that I know how to tweet, and even more surprised that I know how to create a hashtag that will change my life. Yes, I, who never had a problem sitting down and facing my literary problems am so far off track, I’m surrendering myself to the mercy of the very social media frontiers I intended to ignore.  With Twitter and a hashtag, I can be held publicly accountable for my writing time and output.

How did I get so far off track?  Life.  One important thing after another happened, each more urgent that my writing project.  Only now, my routine is so far gone, and I’m so casual about sacrificing my focus, that getting it back is a problem.  Interruptions break the connection with imagination and busyness discourages the effort required to feel a character’s pain. Good news:  characters are still talking to me and ideas are still coming.  Bad news:  At this point almost anything will distract me.  Pet the dog, or write?  Affix patch to son’s scout uniform, (something that would take years or a looming Scoutmaster Conference to accomplish under normal writing circumstances), or write?  I could go on.  Instead, I will just write.  Tomorrow.  I will don writing socks and light a writing candle and tunnel down into my fictional world and work.

And tomorrow will be different because at the end of the day I will tweet my progress, using the hashtag: #Finish7thDraft.  Aside from holding me accountable, this hashtag will be associated with all progress pertaining to the 7th draft of my novel-in-progress.  Will I ever finish it?  What will my agent says when she reads it?  Will the 7th draft be better than the 6th?  Or will I go back to the drawing board?  Will the manuscript sell?  For the answer to these and other questions, follow that hashtag.

Husband says tweeting sounds like another distraction but I say, if I don’t produce results everyone will know.  At least everyone who follows me on Twitter.  Follow me here.  Or maybe you can just google my hashtag.  I’m not sure how all that works…

Feel free to nag in the comment section.


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