My Jane Austen Summer


"Anyone who has ever felt her own life coming apart at the seams will find literary solace in Jones' diverting tale of a woman reinventing herself with the help of Austen's timeless advice."
—John Charles, Chicago Tribune

"Jones' Austenish charm dances through each chapter, causing you fall in love with Lily right from the first few pages while empathizing with the ever complicated issues of her life. What's more, the sub-characters are well developed and are just as fascinating as the protagonist."
Ashley Ross, Marie Claire

"Written with amusing originality...this is a pleasant jaunt in a familiar but modern neighborhood."
Beverly Meyer, Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star 

"Jones' characters are hysterical...each person is extremely colorful and makes this a fun, charming read."
—Amy Lignor, Romantic Times

“My Jane Austen Summer” is packed with rich plot, detailed characters and elaborate settings...a literary feast for Austen fans."
Rachael Reynolds, Deseret News




"...all of you Jane Austen lovers will be happy to discover we’ve crowned Cindy Jones, author of My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park as our latest Lit IT Girl!  And we think you’ll love this delightful book!"
Liz Fenton, Chick Lit Iis Not Dead

"Cindy Jones has written a richly woven, politically complex, and emotionally intense novel replete with literary references...There’s much to love about this book, including the theme of creating your own world to fit you, rather than trying to fit yourself into the world others have devised. I’ve no doubt this novel will touch people—especially women—in a way that empowers them to do just that...The characters, from headliners to extras, live and breathe on the pages. By the end of the story, every soul is naked and no stereotype or first impression stands unchallenged."
Katrina Lantz, Best Damn Creative Writing Blog

"Whether you are a Jane Austen super fan or a hopeless romantic, Cindy Jones’ debut novel will sweep you off your feet."
Crystal Patriarche, sheknows

"...our anticipation was rewarded with a fun and intelligent novel in which love of Jane Austen’s work, especially Mansfield Park, shows in every word."
Margaret Sullivan, Austenblog

"...My Jane Austen Summer is entirely fresh!...Cindy Jones triumphs with My Jane Austen Summer, as she has cleverly shown how Jane Austen’s novels are still relevant in our higgledy-piggledy world today."
Christina Boyd, Austenprose

"Austen lovers and romantics won't have had this much fun since Bridget Jones's Diary."

"MY JANE AUSTEN SUMMER is worth every word on the page; I suggest you pick up a copy because you will love it."
Kathleen M. Purcell,

"I really did like this book quite a bit. I did stay up for the majority of the night reading it. For once, the romance in the book was not what pulled me in but I fell in absolute love with the writing and the love of literature shown throughout the book. Lily was a true bibliophile and that’s why I loved her."
Grace, Books Like Breathing

"The ending is original and refreshing. An unexpected version of the happy ending. Where she could have been tempted to recreate an Austen ending, or jump on the bandwagon of so many chick lit novels and Austen re-creations, she chose a different path, albeit it a satisfying one. Jones also offers her well-read readers nuggets of literary loot to find throughout. Among others, Mrs. Norris and Heathcliff are mentioned in casual sentences; thus delighting those of us who can keep up and get the reference."
Wallace, Unputdownables

"Whether you're a Jane Austen fan, new or old, or simply want a fun, fast, engaging read, then I highly recommend this book. Four stars and two thumbs up to an author who has amazing talent and allows her readers to travel with her characters and feel apart of Jane Austen's era through this sweet, quirky, enjoyable read!"
Molly, Reviews by Molly

"If you enjoy Jane Austen literature or anything that refers to it, then this will be an enjoyable book for you.  If you like the slightly more grown-up chicklit (less references to brands and fashions) then this is a book for you.  I really enjoy books where characters grow and learn about themselves and also am a sucker for books set in England so this one had me on two counts."
Crystal, My Reading Room

"...all the Jane Austen references were very fun, and I learned quite a bit about her. There were many other non-Jane Austen literary references that I enjoyed too. This is truly a book lovers sort of book."
Suey, Suey's Books

"Jones has crafted an original, refreshing ending to Lily's story..."
Janie, Colloquium

"I thought this book was simply delightful. I was especially blown away by the fact that this is Cindy Jones' debut novel! She crafted a story that flowed and kept my interest. The descriptions were detailed enough to make the scenes come to life inside my head."
—Staci, Life in the Thumb

"My Jane Austen Summer is a great escapist read, with a perfect blend of literary references and soul searching, and you can enjoy it without having read Mansfield Park."
—Anna, Diary of An Eccentric


“When one has read the six great Austen novels, and been through the juvenilia and the letters, and then reread and then reread the six again, one’s only recourse is the company of others equally bereft. Cindy Jones’s My Jane Austen Summer fills the gap with a nourishing Austen-soaked setting, a wonderfully surprising plot, and Lily, a delightfully peculiar heroine. By being so socially awkward, Lily won my heart. By loving Fanny Price best of all Austen heroines, she also wins my awe and admiration.”
—Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club

“A beautifully written novel full of surprises, with an unexpected heroine you’ll not soon forget. Cindy Jones’s deeply honest tale of a woman in search of herself carries you away on a literary adventure of the mind and heart, proving her maxim: books …are indeed good for you.”
—Syrie James, author of  The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen 

“Austen lovers everywhere will delight in Lily’s summer adventure and wish Cindy Jones had cast them in a role, too, so they could play a part in this whimsical literary treat.”
—Marilyn Brant, author of According to Jane and Friday Mornings at Nine

“An invitation to get lost in Austen all over again. Janeites will have great fun watching how Cindy Jones cleverly interweaves a very modern romance with the characters, themes, and scenes of Austen’s masterpiece.”
—Lynn Shepherd, author of Murder at Mansfield Park

“My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park is a loving tribute to the timeless appeal of the world created by JA .  A delightful and imaginative coming of age story of a young woman’s search for romance, acceptance and belonging, with some help along the way from Jane Austen herself.” 
—Kathleen Kent, author of The Heretic’s Daughter and The Wolves of Andover

“A delightful story that takes us for a romp through the English countryside and into the wonderful world of Jane Austen. You can’t help but root for Lily Berry, a refreshingly real heroine as she searches for herself in a novel and finds something quite unexpected.”
—Shilpi Somaya Gowda, author of Secret Daughter

“An indulgent escape for anybody who has ever wished they could live in an Austen novel…poignant, funny, and as sharply observant of human foibles as the great Jane herself.”
—Stephanie Barron, author of the Jane Austen Mystery Series