My Jane Austen Summer

A Season in Mansfield Park

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Published by: William Morrow
Pages: 352
ISBN13: 978-0062003973


Lily is caught in a cycle of loss: her mother died of cancer, her boyfriend left her for an earth mother, and she’s been fired from her job for reading Jane Austen novels when she should have been routing payroll tax deposits. When the opportunity arises to travel to England to re-enact Mansfield Park, she thinks she may finally realize her dream of living in a novel. But even in England, where Lily is immersed in a literary festival so rich it seems Jane Austen is present, her problems find her. Lily must summon her resources and confront painful truths before she is demoted to the role of secondary character in her own life.





"Anyone who has ever felt her own life coming apart at the seams will find literary solace in Jones' diverting tale of a woman reinventing herself with the help of Austen's timeless advice."
—Chicago Tribune
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"Jones' Austenish charm dances through each chapter, causing you fall in love with Lily right from the first few pages while empathizing with the ever complicated issues of her life. What's more, the sub-characters are well developed and are just as fascinating as the protagonist."
—Marie Claire

"Written with amusing originality...this is a pleasant jaunt in a familiar but modern neighborhood."
—Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star

"Jones' characters are hysterical...each person is extremely colorful and makes this a fun, charming read."
—Romantic Times

My Jane Austen Summer is packed with rich plot, detailed characters and elaborate settings...a literary feast for Austen fans."
—Deseret News

“Austen lovers everywhere will delight in Lily’s summer adventure and wish Cindy Jones had cast them in a role, too, so they could play a part in this whimsical literary treat.”
— Marilyn Brant

“An invitation to get lost in Austen all over again. Janeites will have great fun watching how Cindy Jones cleverly interweaves a very modern romance with the characters, themes, and scenes of Austen’s masterpiece”
— Lynn Shepherd, author of Murder at Mansfield Park

“A delightful story that takes us for a romp through the English countryside and into the wonderful world of Jane Austen. You can’t help but root for Lily Berry, a refreshingly real heroine as she searches for herself in a novel and finds something quite unexpected.”
— Shilpi Somaya Gowda, Author of Secret Daughter

“An indulgent escape for anybody who has ever wished they could live in an Austen novel...poignant, funny, and as sharply observant of human foibles as the great Jane herself.”
— Stephanie Barron,,Author of the Jane Austen Mystery Series

“Austen lovers and romantics won’t have had this much fun since Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

“This is an amazing debut for Cindy Jones...My Jane Austen Summer is worth every word on the page; I suggest you pick up a copy because you will love it.”

“Whether you are a Jane Austen super fan or a hopeless romantic, Cindy Jones’ debut novel will sweep you off your feet.”
— She Knows


“…my boss caught me reading Northanger Abbey in my cubicle, my lunch hour so far in the past that even the fumes from my tuna sandwich were history. Phones, copiers, and printers resumed business while I danced in Bath. I made a show of tidying my lunch bag while my boss counted the five other novels stacked in my corner. “You’ve been busy,” he said. Then, using his chainsaw voice, he informed me that I’d cost the company over ninety-two thousand dollars misrouting payroll tax deposits. As my boss explained termination benefits, it occurred to me that books should come with a warning from the Surgeon General: Literature can be dangerous to your mental health and should be indulged in moderation. Read in excess, fiction may blur the line between fantasy and reality, causing dysfunction in personal and professional relationships. Readers should refrain while operating heavy machinery or driving automobiles. Or working in offices.”