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Charlotte and her daughter Stella set out on a road trip to Evergreen, their 150-year-old family farm in remote Appalachia where Charlotte plans several days of mother-daughter bonding.  Upon arrival they discover a stranger living in their woods. Instead of mother-daughter bonding, Charlotte works on eviction, while Stella builds a secret relationship with the stranger. Conflict ultimately arises when the stranger files a lawsuit and Charlotte discovers Stella has bonded with her mother’s legal adversary.






Finalist in the General Fiction category, Writers League of Texas Manuscript contest, 2021.

Gina barely survived trading places with her look-alike half-sister in college. Margot is back eight years later and wants to trade places one last time, even though she has children, an estranged husband, and a lover. Margot’s pull is irresistible, and Gina is drawn in, even deeper this time, until both lives begin to unravel, and the boundaries of identity in Gina’s mind begin to blur. When the parents fail to come home, the novel asks to what lengths a person might go to preserve a sense of self, or to escape from under its weight.