How we fall in love, how we come to know ourselves better.  And how it might be possible to change and be happier in the real world.


About the Author

Cindy Jones grew up in small towns, reading for escape, and dreamed of living in a novel. After marriage, children, and a business career, she wrote My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park and discovered that, through writing, it is entirely possible to live in a novel for a good part of each day.

About My Jane Austen Summer

Lily is caught in a cycle of loss: her mother died of cancer, her boyfriend left her for an earth mother, and she's been fired from her job for reading Jane Austen novels when she should have been rerouting payroll tax deposits. When the opportunity arises to travel to England to re-enact Mansfield Park, she thinks she may finally realize her dream of living in a novel. But even in England, where Lily is immersed in a literary festival so rich it seems Jane Austen is present, her problems find her. Lily must summon her resources and confront painful truths before she is demoted to the role of secondary character in her own life.

Praise for Cindy

"Anyone who has ever felt her own life coming apart at the seams will find literary solace in Jones' diverting tale of a woman reinventing herself with the help of Austen's timeless advice."

— Chicago Tribune

"Jones' Austenish charm dances through each chapter, causing you fall in love with Lily right from the first few pages while empathizing with the ever complicated issues of her life. What's more, the sub-characters are well developed and are just as fascinating as the protagonist."

—Marie Claire

“My Jane Austen Summer” is packed with rich plot, detailed characters and elaborate settings...a literary feast for Austen fans."

—Deseret News

Works in Progress

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